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Ideation Workshop

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Ideas, ideas, and more ideas . . .

Now what do you do with them? You seem to have created some ideas but don’t know how to use them, where and when to use them, and why. 

If you find yourself stuck in this current situation now, then the Ideation Workshop is perfect for you. This workshop will help you extract ideas naturally and will help you find the right platform to execute them through the Golden Circles by Simon Sinek and Anneli Hansson.

This online workshop will help you understand more about:

  1. The Big Idea - How to Create and Nurture Ideas

    • What is  an Idea

    • What Makes an Idea Good

    • Where and How to Get Ideas

    • Where and How to Get Ideas for Content and Programs

  2. Case Studies

    • Case Study A - PBB

    • Case Study B - Cong TV

    • Case Study C - The Reporter’s Notebook

  3. Brainstorming Pad - How to make it happen

    • The Golden Circles by Simon Sinek and Anneli Hansson

    • Finding Your Force

    • Content Ideation

    • Awesome Intro

    • Youtube Metrics

    • Best Practices

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