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This is a more detailed guide. So you can get the most of the learning course, together with JLSMEBC, we have created.

This Blueprint Bootcamp will teach you a radically different approach to sales: by not selling. As counter-intuitive as it sounds, it's the key to establishing yourself as an expert, and maintaining a power in the student-teacher (entrepreneurs call it client-vendor) dynamic.

Learning Success that LAST!

There are four ways to cement the knowledge you will learn throughout this course;

  1. Learn - to absorb and be open-minded on new ideas.

  2. Apply - to apply yourself in order to experience

  3. Share - to practice new ideas with your peers.

  4. Teach - to teach what you've have learned to someone else

This online workshop will help you understand more about:

  1. Why we teach

  2. Overview of the Bootcamp

  3. Blueprint - Your Schematic

  4. Knowledge Gap - Identifying Your Niche

  5. Marketing - What platform to use

  6. Product Breakdown - Types of Modality

  7. Pre-launch Checklist - Your Guide

  8. Rubric - Defining your Learning Options

  9. Competitive Matrix - Know your Competitors

  10. Email List Building Strategy

  11. Launch + Sales Page - Benchmarking with Other Modules

    • Delivery

    • Method of Delivery

  12. Types of Resources

  13. Support + Community

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